Pain, the constant companion (1)

Pain is a strange thing. Sometimes welcome, sometimes unwelcome. Pain can be a friend and an enemy at the same time. After spending so much time with this enemy, it can become a safe haven. Sometimes you even look forward to this enemy’s personal brand of torture.

Tomorrow after years of pain, physical pain, a pain I’ve gotten to know so well, who’s been my constant enemy sometimes disguised as a friend I embark on a new journey. A journey without this enemy pulling my strings at every turn. I will face off with him in the upcoming weeks. He will push my buttons like never before, he will show me his true colors. But I am strong, and I won’t back down. I will teach my enemy that I will no longer allow him to dictate my life and my actions. From this day forward I will be free. It will be an arduous journey, but it is one I embark on with my head held high. Secure in the knowledge that I will survive.

In the upcoming years, I will always appreciate everything my constant companion has taught me and I will sometimes let this companion visit me when I want him to, for old times sake in the disguise of a friend. However, he will never have a voice again. He will be mute and always in disguise because I don’t want to see his true identity again, not now, not ever!


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