Jahmari Elijah, born from love.

On October 12, 2021 I got to redefine my meaning of love. My journey towards this new definition started during my pregnancy. My partner and I started redefining our relationship and as a result created something unexpected, a bond that is unbreakable and surpasses all our combined expectations.

I am a mother now and do you know what my main emotion is ever since my miracle was born, besides love of course? It’s pride. I’m so proud I sometimes feel like my heart will burst. I’m proud of every cell of his being. I am proud of the fact I am finally living the life I envisioned for myself all these years ago. I am proud of myself for making it to the other side in one piece and last but not least I’m so proud of X. my true partner who has become the best father I could ever wish for my son. He is amazing, loving and so inlove with his son it’s a privilege to be able to witness the together. It touches me to my very core.

For my son, my miracle, my wish come true, I’ll make you a few promises… I will always fight to give you everything you deserve. I will be the best version I could ever be for you, and while I will make mistakes I will always apologise and endeavour to learn from them. Letting you live your life, let you make mistakes and make sure you experience life to the fullest, whether we agree with your choices or not is our goal as parents. We will walk the path less travelled and fight the mainstream whenever we have to, to be able to give you the best start and examples we can. We love you more than anything. Whoever you may become, whatever choices you’ll make and whoever you choose to love or share your life with we will always love and support you. We are in your corner, my love! no matter what.

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